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Quantum Healing is an incredible opportunity to expand your consciousness and feel unconditional love, often for the first time in your life, through your Divine Self. It also allows you to heal and clear on an emotional and physical level and get clarity on important things such as relationships, your career etc. I also do soul retrievals which returns fragmented pieces of your soul that break off and leave you during trauma. It’s a very powerful, life changing experience. 
My husband and I are so glad we found Julie for quantum healing. I didn't know what to expect with hypnosis, but that was no problem. Julie is humorous and to-the-point, you'll feel secure and protected in her space. Connecting to our higher selves has brought great change and healing to our lives. I'm more confident than ever, my husband has connected strongly to his sensitive side. We've healed and cleared on a very deep level we never knew was possible. My daughter's digestive concerns have totally healed.  Our cats, too, have benefited from the work and overcome health and behavioral problems.  Julie is just wonderful! She radiates a strength, compassion and love in all her work.  She has my highest recommendation!                                                                                                                                                                           Sarah, Parker, CO

Quantum healing with Julie has made an immeasurable difference in my life. I no longer snore, and I can breathe through my nose better than ever before. Headaches and neck aches, which used to be the products of stress, are no longer. Eczema is disappearing, resulting in my years long battle being resolved.

Beyond these healings, I've gained a powerful connection with my higher self. I've been granted confidence and expectancy toward future dreams. I've discovered more of who I am, and in turn have moved closer to more fully discovering who I want to become.
                                                                                           Eddie, Parker, CO

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