Julie Doray - Quantum Healing - The Dolores Cannon Method

Assisting in raising the consciousness of humanity.

I am honored to assist people in their healing
through these different avenues:

Quantum Healing: Accessing your higher consciousness for clarity, guidance, emotional and physical healing, raising your vibration and much more. 
Past Life Regression: Accessing your past lives for clarity and healing from habits, phobias, trauma etc. 
Meet Your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, or Loved Ones: I will assist you in reaching a relaxed place so you are able to connect with the other side and see what messages they have for you.
Intuitive Life Recovery Coach, Grief & Trauma Release: With my fresh insight I teach you how to release grief and trauma and get clarity on life issues using quantum healing techniques. 
Soul Retrieval: This is when fragmented pieces of your soul break off and leave you during trauma and are returned back to you if it is in your higher good.
Lightworkers Working Group: Join us every Wednesday as we journey to different places on Earth connecting with Gaia and doing as much healing and clearing in that location as we are guided.

Contact: 850.319.0447 or juliedoray@juno.com

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