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I went to see Julie for some insight and guidance. I was not really looking for physical healing, but believed she could help me with spiritual healing. I got both and was completely amazed at the physical healing that took place. I have smoked tobacco since I was 13 years old (now 58), and my throat and lungs have some serious damage. During the session Julie asked about healing my raspy voice, sore throat and breathing problems. I felt my throat being worked on and we were told that the scar tissue from smoking was being removed. When we were finished my voice sounded noticeably different from before. For days following the session there was marked improvement in problems associated with the smoking, my throat felt better, and I could breathe better, so much so that I stopped taking the medication prescribe to me for this problem. I feel so much better that I am in the process of getting off of nicotine. I have to thank Julie for that, because if I had not been shown how much better I could feel, I would have not even thought to quit the nasty habit. Thank You Julie for helping me turn my life around.
Gayle, Divide, CO

I have an office in the Michael Garman building
in Old Colorado City as well as in Divide, CO.

Contact: juliedoray@juno.com or 850.319.0447

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