Julie Doray - Quantum Healing - The Dolores Cannon Method
After the session
  • I recommend going home and the rest of the day so you can process things with ease and grace. If you can't do that, try to have as quiet of a day or night as possible. 
  • Drinking extra water over the next few days is also important as toxins are released into the body from the work done in the session.
  • You will strengthen your connection to your Divine Self each time you listen to your audio recording. Listening to the session in segments works well for clients that are short on time. 
  • A quantum healing session is a sacred and personal experience. Your family and friends will be excited to hear about it though you will find you might need a few days if not more to process. Much of what you experience will be hard to put into words. Wanting to keep your session completely private is common and understandable.

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