Julie Doray - Quantum Healing - The Dolores Cannon Method
The Center For The Expansion In Consciousness

"The Center For The Expansion In Consciousness” is a beautiful gathering place where you are able to experience healing through a variety of modalities.

In what we call "The Lightworkers Working Session" we journey to sacred places using guided meditation. Once we are grounded in the sacred place we connect as a group with our beloved Gaia and ask for the guardian of the land to step forward and give us wisdom and insight. After that, we receive personal messages as well as share messages that come forward for others in the group. We call in our Divine Self and ask for as much healing and clearing to be done on us as possible. You are able to experience your own private journey while being one with the others.

This is fresh and new so please join us as we visit Mother Earth’s Sacred Spaces!

Combining Quantum Healing and guided meditation allows you to have an experience like no other currently being offered. You can do this alone or in a group setting.

"Never before have I had the opportunity to gather with so many beautiful, connected individuals. Together we create a safe and loving space to connect to our true natures and bring forth whatever it is we need to expand, heal and grow - both individually and collectively. A unique journey every time, not to be missed."
Sarah, Parker, CO

No session is the same and each has been incredibly powerful 
with much releasing and healing taking place. 

Contact: 850.319.0447 or juliedoray@juno.com
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