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Going from 3d to 5d...
I first saw Julie for QHHT in January of 2016.  The experience was more life changing for me than I ever expected.  Through the initial process and session I was able to heal a great deal of past life trauma.  

Mid March of 2016 I began to feel like the healing was reversing as I was going thru some very different experiences.  I was feeling less connected than I had after the sessions and follow up with her.  We soon learned that I was in fact disconnecting, yet also was very much more connected than ever.

On March 20, 2016 I experienced a "reverse soul retrieval".  In most of my experiences with healers, I had worked with bringing pieces of my traumatized soul BACK to the physical realm to complete myself.  What I was going thru in the three months of healing with Julie was actually healing a piece of myself that was ready to leave the physical body and exist in a different dimension.

As my healed piece prepared to leave, we encountered another piece of me that, while it had been a part of me since birth, it wasn't ever a prominent part of my physical world.  I became a new person.

With this transition, I was able to "die".  The part of me that had gone through so much in my first half of life was able to move on and go to a higher dimension, while the other piece was able to emerge and be "born".  This created a new way of thinking, a new connection to higher dimensions without having to really "go" there.  The veil that is often mentioned was removed and I am now able to live in the third dimension with access to the fourth and fifth.

This did not come without symptoms that I still am adapting to.  Time is unpredictable at best.  There are times when I am grounded and feel a "traditional" day, hour or minute. Other times it feels like the linear concept of time is completely gone and days feel like mere hours.  I have found that this is controllable from my own ability to be present in the "Now" or by simply letting the linear concept go and time "flies".   

Short term memory is also a challenge to keep.  I am able to take in information, but once it is not presently necessary I lose those memories.  Sometimes it can take days for information to be recalled or a great deal of effort to recapture those thoughts.  I believe this is also a part of the loss of concept of linear time, the past, present and future don't exist in the higher dimension of thinking and existing.

I have also discovered I'm more in tune with all energy.  This includes but is not limited to people, animals, and nature.  I have always been an empath with a very strong intuition, but this has been amplified with the shift I experienced.  I have inexplicable days of just feeling stuck or off balance.  I have to be very selective about where I spend time and recognize energy around me to prevent it from affecting me too much.

The greatest "symptom" I have had is that of pure love based being.  I have lost the capacity to deal with conflict in anyway except love.  Living from love and being love and peace has been the greatest experience.  This isn't to say I am oblivious to the world and problems, because I feel it all.  I also am still a human living in the third dimension and have all of the same "life problems" as anyone else, that hasn't changed.  What has changed is the loss of major stress or anxiety over things beyond my control. An acceptance of others living their 3D lives and knowing that we are all in this together, we are all connected.  My passion to work with others has increased as I have learned that with love, patience and the understanding of the Universe working as it does, nothing is impossible.
Olivia, Colorado Springs, CO

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