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In my years of searching for holistic products and practices to apply to my life, some basics are massage therapy and energy work, essential oils, Bach flower essences, crystals, sound healing and art. I've got a great network of friends who are more like my family that practice or sell these items. Some of them are listed below:

Holistic Practitioners:
The Center for the Expansion in Consciousness offers you the opportunity to  expand your consciousness through different healing modalities such as quantum healing and guided meditation in a beautiful calming space. http://www.expansioninconsciousness.com/

Julie Doray has over 20 years of working with trauma and grief. She is a Dedicated Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and Intuitive Life Recovery & Trauma Release Coach. Quantum healing allows clients to release emotional and physical trauma, get clarity on their life, and connect with their higher consciousness. She gives you the tools to empower yourself in your own recovery and healing. Her compassion and non-judgmental perspective comes from her own experiences with death and allows people to work through things in a calming and safe space. She remains grounded and in her heart and this is reflected in her sessions.

Alicia Dotson "CiCi" offers Flower Essence Consultations, Intuitive Energy Balancing, Gemstone Water & Therapies, Reiki, Tuning Forks and much more. She is available to work with you in person in the DC area as well as doing distant work. I have experienced her work and highly recommend her!

Garen Ferrenbach of "Ancient Sound Healing" has 35 years energy healing experience. Modalities offered are Massage, Reiki, Channeled Ancient Languages and Toning. The vibration of the Ancient Languages and tones open/release/inform and generate healing from past lives through to now. Long distance sessions available. 719.686.1426 or ravengaren2@gmail.com

Gary Fishman does sound healing through a gong bath, crystal bowls, the Didgeridoo, sells crystals and much more: http://songsofthemilkyway.com/

Chiara Marrapodi is a fantastic animal communicator for your pets still with you and for those that have crossed over: www.wildvoicestalk.com

Susan Shinsky and Roger Reynolds are Reiki Masters and energy healing facilitators.  They can help you cope with stress, resolve trauma & emotional upset, clear cellular memory, & provide intuitive guidance so that you can live your authentic life on your terms.  The primary technique they use is sound healing with tuning forks.  Susan is certified in the Biofield Tuning® method.  They incorporate a variety of tools and modalities into their work, including: Crystals and Stones, Sacred Geometry, Young Living essential oils, and Slim Spurling created Light-Life Tools.  Visit their website for more information:  www.shinrey.com  Call Susan at 210-788-0455.  She has experience working with those who have passed over to help them clear cellular memory.  Susan is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Health, crystals and more:
This is an informative website on crystals and what their healing properties are:

Bach Flower Essences work! http://www.bachfloweressences.com/

Jonathon Goldman is a premier sound healer: http://www.healingsounds.com/

Young Living Oils work! I know distributors so if you want to order some text me.

Eco-friendly, green or forward thinking websites:

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