Julie Doray - Quantum Healing - The Dolores Cannon Method
I love it when my clients are motivated to make powerful changes in their life and I am able to assist them in establishing a connection with their higher consciousness. These testimonials show what is possible in a session. If you are ready to release, heal and do self-work, the results can be life changing!

I have had chronic migraines for 32 years. In recent years they have greatly affected my life, having them 10 to 23 days per month. I have had back pain for 10 years. I herniated a disc and then herniated another six years later. I have severe PMS that includes migraines, severe cramps, fatigue, and being very emotional. My Menstrual Cycle is long, very heavy and difficult. The only solution Doctors gave me was a hysterectomy. During my session with Julie we were able to clear and heal all of these issues. Since the session I have not had one migraine or headache. I have had no back pain, at all. My menstrual cycle was far easier, without a migraine and much less cramps. I know as time goes on the healing will continue and I am so grateful to Julie and for all of the healing I am experiencing.
Dana, Frederick, CO

Having had a very profound and powerful QHHT session from Julie, I can testify that she is a many faceted jewel. Julie's highly intuitive nature adds great value to the session. She creates an atmosphere of safety and relaxation and then her inquisitive nature takes over as she asks just the right questions to keep the session moving, yet she is as patient as Job if you need a few moments to process the experience. There is never a sense of being judged.  Add to that her keen mind, just the right amount of compassion plus a great sense of humor and what you have is a highly competent QHHT practitioner. 
Bert, Paducah, KY

Hello my beautiful lady, it's been an amazing year since I saw you last. I came to you by way of a mutual friend, because I needed to grow spiritually. With your support and guidance I grew leaps and bounds, more then I imagined. I do appreciate your caring, loving style that supports the growth process. Because, of your loving guidance, I found what I was looking for and I continue to grow. Thank you for being so AWESOME. See you again next year. Feeling loved,
Helen, Plantation, Florida

I came to you feeling broken, with no direction, and no purpose. After our session everything became clear. I feel like I'm on fire, and I have focus now. I now know my intentions and the direction I must go. With sincere gratitude, thank you. 
Helen, Plantation, Florida

Music brought us together. I was in deep black hole after all that was happening to my health, living in reverie to survive one day at a time. Julie sent me to journey of a lifetime. The experience has been amazing and powerful. Music continues and so does life. Thank You Julie for saving me, everything happens for a reason!
Soile, Finland

The Quantum Healing session I did with Julie was one of the best experiences of my life. Physical issues were resolved and emotional events healed. It meant so much to speak with loved ones who had crossed over. What an amazing  experience which I will never forget. Thank you Julie!
Elise, Los Angeles, CA

The week leading up to the session amazing things had already begun to happen.  I felt my connection with angels and my higher self strengthening.  Traumas began to surface that were repressed and Julie assisted me in finding ways to neutralize any fear, anger or anxiety that was arising in my life.  We released cords in this life and all others. I felt free.  What happened in the week to follow was phenomenal, giving me clear indication that this was working! Estranged family members reached out after over a year of not communicating.  My ex-husband and I began to talk and we felt like old friends’ more than parting spouses.  One client sent a message saying she sensed a shift in my energy and felt she could reach out and start coming to see me again. Clients at work began booking their appointments up to six months out!  Weight loss was one of my issues we worked on...I lost 5 pounds the first week!  One of my relationships I worked on was with my mother.  Our encounters after the session were amazing.  It was like she was correcting her own behavior toward me to the behaviors I'd set the intention for our relationship to be.  

I highly recommend Julie. She is present and takes an active role in the process before, during and after.  She does it with such love, grace and even a touch of humor.  She has been there anytime I needed help or wanted to celebrate the progress.
Melanie, Colorado Springs, CO

I am a fellow QHHT practitioner and went to see Julie as a client.  I can tell you that Julie is an amazing QHHT practitioner!  I felt very comfortable with her, and was able to get into deep trance right away.  Julie was able to skillfully assist me to access my infinite, divine self, where I was able to see many of my past lives, and talk with my Higher Self.  We were able to access many gifts, and get a lot of issues resolved for me.  I have undergone many of these sessions, and this one stands out due to Julie's skill, warmth, beautiful light, and friendship.  You can't go wrong by seeing Julie.  I will see her again as soon as I can! 
Thia, Delta, CO

My Quantum Healing session with Julie was and is a true blessing on my sacred journey. Julie is a very determined, confident and focused healer. With Julie's undivided attention to minute details and her persistence to ask for clarifications during the session, I was able to release deep rooted issues and beings which had been traveling with me from one plane to another. Finally, I am free of the unexplained emotional "crap" which I was experiencing influencing my relationships with my family, friends and most importantly myself. I am very blessed to have had this very liberating session with Julie and am thankful for Julie's presence in my life and on this fabulous planet. Light and Heavenly Blessings for all that you are here to do Julie!
Aloha, Gretta, Big Island, HI

Julie held perfect space for my heart to mourn and release another layer of ancestral grief that had been stuck and frozen for far too long. As a hypnotherapist to, I appreciate her insight and am grateful for her beautiful ability to guide. She intuitively feels the space a client is in for great release to occur: allowing personal and generational wounds to be healed. Thank you Julie!
Kari, Aurora, CO

A HUGE THANK YOU to Julie for such an AWESOME QHHT Session! We did such deeply emotional, freeing and healing work. I will continue to process for days to come. Thank you also for your advice on clearing and shielding when my new granddaughter comes into this world! HUGE LOVE TO YOU JULIE XO
Yvette, Santa Rose, CA
Julie approaches her sessions with such compassion and openness - there are no topics that are off limits which immediately puts one at ease.  The session was nothing less than spectacular as we were able to clear trauma and energy and get information on my spiritual journey that I don’t know how I would have received otherwise.  In the days since the manifestations have followed in such an amazing way - undeniably connected to the Quantum healing that took place.
Julie is engaged at every single level of the process - before, during and after.  It’s
a connection that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.
Kevin, Woodland Park, CO

Healer heal thyself. My deep thanks to Julie and her magnificent work. Woah.
Xanthe, Colorado Springs, CO

I've had occasion to work with Julie twice now, and hope to be able to do so again next time our paths cross. Her demeanor is much more earthy and grounded than most in this field, and she approaches the session in a matter-of-fact way that immediately put me at ease. It was challenging at first for me to trust the images I was seeing, and to verbalize the answers to her questions -- but eventually, I found myself surrendering to the experience, and was surprised at how much knowing and wisdom emerged during the session. In the second session I came with less armor and was able to go more deeply, more quickly -- and found myself resolving issues between myself and my mother that have served us both as she now is rapidly declining into dementia. I'm amazed each time I listen to the session at how much is said that my conscious mind doesn’t recall -- and how useful the explorations are even months down the road. If you are interested in this kind of experience and want someone with confidence, skill and expertise in this realm -- you can't go wrong working with Julie.   
Monica, Philadelphia, PA
Please allow me to share how this angel, Julie, and QHHT have helped me to see with clear focus the path that is before me. If you are seeking lost love and peace and how to move forward, ask and you will be shown. That is what happened with me. Now I can share love and peace with my family, one and all. Thank you Julie!
Ted, Colorado Springs, CO

I recently had my first Quantum Healing session and although I live 2,000 miles away, Julie was the person I chose to see. She made me feel so comfortable, relaxed and safe to open myself up to her and the experience. She was extremely open and insightful. It was so refreshing to have someone like Julie who has an expansive belief system break my parameters of what is possible. Thank you Julie!
Stephanie, Philadelphia, PA

Julie is a loving, powerful and brave soul who has helped me, through QHHT, to rid myself of hindrances long struggled with. Regaining focus with ease, I have lost interest in emotionally engaging bothersome memories. Thank you Julie, for being you.
Dane, Woodland Park, CO

Julie is incredibly passionate about this spiritual journey and showed me a new realm of consciousness.  I had a lot of emotional trauma and by the end of the session I could clearly say that Quantum Healing works and that trauma was healed and released!  After the session I felt freer and unattached to past negative events.  I thoroughly believe Julie's healing methods are exceptional.  I highly recommend contacting her for this eye opening experience!  Thank you so much for everything Julie!  
Mark, Colorado Springs, CO

Through many conversations with Julie to understand quantum healing, my fears were spitting out that I don't want to know my future, what if what I'm doing isn't right or what if I have to break up with my boyfriend? This all made it even clearer that I needed to have the session.  When Julie said some of her clients experience pure unconditional love as you are meeting your higher self, I knew it was time.  Her nurturing way of taking the time to prepare, to explain, and to share stories showed me she truly cares and that I can trust her.  It was about me, my healing and clearing, and my intentions.  I was looking for childhood healing, clarity of my purpose, and my current path.  Not only did I get those answers, but I felt and experienced truth which led to real clarity.  I have already recommended Julie to my cousin, boyfriend, and close friends.                                    
Stacy, Philadelphia, PA
I went to see Julie for some insight and guidance. I got both spiritual and physical healing and was completely amazed at the physical healing that took place. I have smoked tobacco since I was 13 years old (now 58), and my throat and lungs have some serious damage. During the session Julie asked about healing my raspy voice, sore throat and breathing problems. I felt my throat being worked on and we were told that the scar tissue from smoking was being removed.When we were finished my voice sounded noticeably different from before. For days following the session there was marked improvement in problems associated with the smoking, my throat felt better, and I could breathe better. I feel so much better that I am in the process of getting off of nicotine. Thank You Julie for helping me turn my life around. 
Gayle, Divide, CO

In the Quantum Healing session Julie had incredible patience as she focused purely on my journey. The session was professional & well thought out due in part to the extensive background information she gathered on me previously and the extensive training Julie received. My journey gave me positive confirmation that decisions I have made were right for me and enlightened me in areas where I desperately needed it. I also had healing around emotional and physical issues I was dealing with. I’d certainly do it again, with Julie, when the need arises; it was worth every penny I paid.
Marianne, Springfield, MA
I am very impressed with the information that came through the session with Julie.  This Quantum healing experience has been very beneficial to me in many ways and I recommend anyone who needs to be healed physically or energetically to visit with Julie, she is beyond awesome and a great listener. I don't feel stuck anymore, I am thriving! Thanks Julie!         
Jose, Lamar, CO
When we met for my session Julie explained the process thoroughly which made me feel safe. That allowed me to relax and get the most out of my session. I was able to connect to my past lives, meet my spirit guides and have all of my questions answered allowing me to get much healing and clearing done. This experience has left me feeling like a new person! Julie has given me the tools to understand our greater celestial consciousness which has made me feel whole again. Thank you Julie!
Bridget, Chicago, IL

Every time I listen to my QHHT session with Julie I get more out of it.  Because her patience and understanding provided so much love and comfort I was able to recall past lives, its lessons and the talents I had. I now recognize that I still have some of those talents and can put them to use. It is wonderful that more information and realizations come to me each time I listen to the recording. And best of all is that to experience QHHT with Julie is to experience a quantum leap in one’s spiritual growth. I am so grateful for her help and guidance in this process. She is an angel.
Suzanne, Buena Vista, CO

In my session with Julie, I reclaimed my power of being and got very clear about my purpose and contribution to the planet in this life time. I also released deep seated issues around self worth, over responsibility and perfection. I now live free from doubts and fears that keep me in my small self and experience delight in being me! Thank you Julie! You are a gift to the planet!
Rita, Colorado Springs, CO

My hypnotherapy session with Julie was totally amazing! I had experiences that I have never had before. My past life journeying led me to a Mayan Temple where Mayan Shamans were doing a ceremony with a large crystal skull that was lit up with beautiful colors. The scene was totally transcendental! Julie likes to incorporate crystals into the journey which really adds extra energy to the emotional, physical and overall healing experience. I highly recommend Julie's work for those interested in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy.  
Gary, Sound & Crystal Healer, Denver, CO
I didn't know what to expect initially, but was immediately amazed when my past lives came about so clearly. At first I thought, "I must be making this up, there is no way," but I was not only able to see who I was in my past lives, and remember my day-to-day activities, but I could feel how I felt living those lives. I also had the opportunity to speak with Jesus.  I would not consider myself a super religious person, but the feeling of love, peace, patience and knowing came across so clearly, that it will definitely be marked as an experience I will remember the rest of my life. I am so thankful to have worked through my issues and had the emotional and physical clearing that I did with such an amazing woman. Thank you again Julie, what a difference you have made.
Shanae, Denver, CO

Hi Julie,
Here are a few of my thoughts regarding our session:
*Julie made sure everything was comfortable and safe for me and she was patient with my processes even though at times they felt slow.
* The questionnaire was thorough, tactful, and helped me to organize my thoughts prior to our session.
* Even now, I can feel the shifting/healing sensation sometimes when I am meditating on my own, especially when I ask for healing. Putting me in touch with my Higher Self and the ascended masters I chose is also useful since I know how to "reach" them and recall how they feel.
* Follow-up contact has been terrific and I continue to learn from the Quantum Healing process.
* I highly recommend Julie Doray to help learn about healing the inner self through QHHT.
Alicia, Dumfries, VA

My husband and I are so glad we found Julie for quantum healing.  She is humorous and to-the-point, you'll feel secure and protected in her space. Connecting to our higher selves has brought great change and healing to our lives. I'm more confident than ever, and my husband has connected strongly to his sensitive side. We've healed and cleared on a very deep level we never knew was possible. My daughter's digestive concerns have totally healed.  Our cats, too, have benefited from the work and overcome health and behavioral problems.  Julie radiates a strength, compassion and love in all her work.  She has my highest recommendation!                                                                                                                                                                           
Sarah, Parker, CO

Quantum healing with Julie has made an immeasurable difference in my life. I no longer snore, and I can breathe through my nose better than ever before. Headaches and neck aches, which used to be the products of stress, are no longer. Eczema is disappearing, resulting in my years long battle being resolved.

I've gained a powerful connection with my higher self. I've been granted confidence and expectancy toward future dreams and discovered more of who I am, and in turn have moved closer to more fully discovering who I want to become.
Eddie, Parker, CO                                                                                          

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