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Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression?

This is a process that allows you to view past lives for a variety of beneficial reasons.

Why would I want to do a past life regression?

To release physical and emotional trauma that you are carrying from other lives that are impacting you today.

You could turn 40 and your back suddenly starts to hurt. You go to the doctor and they can't find an explanation as to why the sudden sharp pain is there. In a PLR you could discover that you were shot in the back when you turned 40 and turning 40 in this life has triggered that memory. Our cells hold memory which we are able to release through a PLR.

You might have gone through emotional trauma in a life that is showing up in this life and holding you back from having meaningful relationshipsWe are able to release that if you are ready.

You might have phobias without an explanation as to where they came from.  In a PLR we are able to determine if it's from this life or another and release it if you are ready.

Release the fear of death and work through grief by viewing how you have died in other lives and have experienced death countless times.  This also allows you to meet your soul group and see that we are eternal beings.

You are able to see patterns, habits, traits and gifts that you tend to carry from lifetime to lifetime. 

This gives you great perspective into who you really are on a soul level. The negative habits you carry can be released if you are ready. This is also a way to look at the habits you have in relationships and heal those.

How does it work? 

I guide the client to the theta level which is where we are when we are waking up or drifting off to sleep. From there I guide the client to their beautiful place and once they are in a relaxed place they are able to access past lives.

Do I get a copy of the session?

Yes. I record the session and upload it to Google drive and share it with you via email. You may also bring in a thumb drive for me to put it on.

Please fill out this paperwork and return 4 days before your session, saved in a Word or pdf document. The sheets that require your signature can be given to me the day of the session.

PLR BackGroundQuestions1.docx (DOCX — 18 KB)

PLR Questions1.docx (DOCX — 12 KB)

PLR Physical Issues1.docx (DOCX — 12 KB)

PLR Souls.docx (DOCX — 13 KB)

PLR Responsibilities and Liability Release.docx (DOCX — 14 KB)

Informative Past Life Websites:

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