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Services Offered

***Preparing for your session - Click here to fill out your session paperwork.***

Quantum Healing: Accessing your higher consciousness for clarity, guidance, emotional and physical self-healing, raising your frequency and much more.

Past Life Regression: Accessing your past lives for clarity and healing from habits, phobias, trauma etc.

Intuitive Life Recovery, Grief and Trauma Release Practitioner: With my fresh insight I teach you how to release grief and trauma and get clarity on life issues using quantum healing and grief recovery techniques.

End of Life Transition Practitioner: Julie will guide your family and the loved one who is nearing the end of this life's journey by utilizing healing tools, meditation, and valuable insight from years spent in this field.

Meet Your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, or Loved Ones: I will assist you in reaching a relaxed place so you are able to connect and see what messages you receive.

Guided Meditation: I guide you on a journey to different places on Earth or off planet or to receive knowledge, healing, and have some fascinating experiences.

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