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Session Information

***Preparing for your session - Click here to fill out your session paperwork.***

When a person does any kind of self-love work, it takes time and dedication to release the layers within you. There is no quick fix and no one but you can do this work. You could have incredible results on a physical and emotional level in a session, but staying in that alignment by doing the follow-up care is key to those things remaining cleared. Once you release something, reminding yourself that you are now free of this and no longer carry it with you will be important for you to practice.

Listening to your session often will maintain a connection to your Divine Self and reinforce the healing and clearing that was done. This is an important part of the process.

Below is an outline of how a session typically goes though no two are ever alike. There is no guarantee of what will happen or what information will come through etc. 90% of the session is up to the client with 10% being guided by the Practitioner.

  • You fill out the paperwork and email to me 4 days prior to your session.

  • The session starts out with some relaxation techniques allowing you to connect to the Theta level.

  • We might look at times in this life or past lives that are impacting you today to release, heal, and clear those when possible (if you are ready).

  • We will speak with your Divine Self/intuition, Spirit Guides or other deities that come forward to get answers to your questions, as well as ask for the most releasing, healing, and clearing be done on you as possible.

  • If you wish, I will do a soul retrieval. A soul retrieval is when pieces of your soul break off when you experience trauma. I ask for as many of those pieces to return and integrate back with you as are ready.

  • When the session is over we recap while you ground yourself so bring a snack and water bottle with that.

What if I don't believe in past lives?

The great thing about this modality is that spiritual or personal beliefs do not interfere with you in the session. Your Divine Self knows what you can handle and won't show you anything you are not ready to see.

I am concerned about being shown a difficult life experience and don't want to rehash the past. How do I handle that?

I encourage my clients to be open to looking at uncomfortable life experiences so those can be healed and cleared. When trauma is shown I remind you that you can view this scene as an observer and you do not have to feel it. Our cells have memories and hold our life experiences, so releasing as much of that as we can is incredibly helpful to moving forward in life.

What if I don't want to share some of my hard life experiences with you?

The sessions are confidential and you will not experience any judgement from me. We have all experienced trauma in one way or another and those experiences have shaped our personalities and led us to where we are today. Sharing as much as you can will help me so I am not caught off guard, allowing me to best navigate through the session so you receive as much healing and clarity as possible.

How soon can you see results from a physical release?

People often have physical issues to facilitate the learning of valuable lessons. If you are ready to release something physical (i.e. you have already learned and integrated your lesson), healing may be completed by the end of the session. For some issues, it may take several months. Vision has been fully restored, lungs cleaned from cigarette smoke, and much more thru using the quantum healing technique. Each client is unique therefore the timing will differ.

Can I get a copy of the session?

Yes. I record the session and upload it to Google Drive and share it with you via email. 

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