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I love it when my clients are motivated to make powerful changes in their life and I am able to assist them in establishing a connection with their higher consciousness. These testimonials show what is possible in a session. If you are ready to release, heal and do self-work, the results can be life changing!

I have had chronic migraines for 32 years, back pain for 10 years, and two herniated discs. I also have severe PMS that includes migraines, severe cramps, fatigue, and being very emotional. The only solution Doctors gave me was a hysterectomy. During my session with Julie I was able to clear and heal all of these issues. Since the session I have not had one migraine or headache. I have had no back pain, at all. My menstrual cycle was far easier, without a migraine and much less cramps. I know as time goes on the healing will continue and I am so grateful to Julie and for all of the healing I am experiencing.

Dana, Frederick, CO

I got both spiritual and physical healing from my session with Julie. I smoked since I was 13 (now 58), and my throat and lungs have some serious damage. During the session Julie asked about healing my raspy voice, sore throat and breathing problems. I felt my throat being worked on and we were told that the scar tissue from smoking was being removed. When we were finished my voice sounded noticeably different from before. Since the session I continue to see marked improvement in problems associated with the smoking, my throat feels better, and I can breathe better. Thank You Julie for helping me turn my life around.

Gayle, Divide, CO

I had a session with Julie after the suicide death of my son. I was feeling a great deal of guilt, despair and disconnect. With her assistance, I was able to ease some of the pain and gain motivation to carry on with some clarity. I will forever be grateful for her intuitive gifts, her compassion, and connection.

Deb, Kure Beach, NC

Quantum healing with Julie has made an immeasurable difference in my life. I no longer snore, and I can breathe through my nose better than ever before. The headaches and neck aches, which used to be the products of stress, are gone. My years long Eczema is disappearing. I've gained a powerful connection with my higher self and in turn have moved closer to more fully discovering who I want to become.

Eddie, Parker, CO

In my session, one of the many issues we dealt with was my trigger fingers. Trigger fingers are extremely painful and make even the simplest tasks difficult. Often surgery is the only answer. Even then it sometimes returns. My Divine Self said my trigger fingers could be reversed but it would take some time. After about two months both fingers returned to normal and have been fine for the past four years. Thank you so much for this gift and for the many others that occurred during this session.

Bert, Padukah, KY

I came to you feeling broken, with no direction, and no purpose. After our session everything became clear. I feel like I'm on fire, and I have focus now. I now know my intentions and the direction I must go. With sincere gratitude, thank you.

Helen, Plantation, FL

The Quantum Healing session I did with Julie was one of the best experiences of my life. Physical issues were resolved and emotional events healed. It meant so much to speak with loved ones who had crossed over. What an amazing experience which I will never forget. Thank you Julie!

Elise, Los Angeles, CA

My connection with angels and my higher self strengthened. Repressed traumas began to surface and Julie assisted me in finding ways to neutralize any fear, anger or anxiety that was arising. The week following was phenomenal, giving me clear indication that this was working! Estranged family members reached out to me. My ex-husband and I began to talk and we felt like old friends’. One of my old clients sensed a shift in my energy and felt she could start seeing me again. My clients began booking their appointments up to six months out! We worked on weight loss and I lost 5 pounds in the first week! I highly recommend Julie.

Melanie, Colorado Springs, CO

Julie is a very determined, confident and focused healer. I was able to release deep rooted issues and beings which had been traveling with me from one plane to another. Finally, I am free of the unexplained emotional "crap" which I was experiencing influencing my relationships with my family, friends and most importantly myself. I am very blessed to have had this session with Julie. 

Aloha, Gretta, Big Island, HI

My hypnotherapy session with Julie was totally amazing! I had experiences that I have never had before. My past life journeying led me to a Mayan Temple where Mayan Shamans were doing a ceremony with a large crystal skull that was lit up with beautiful colors. The scene was totally transcendental! Julie likes to incorporate crystals into the journey which really adds extra energy to the emotional, physical and overall healing experience. I highly recommend Julie.

Gary, Sound & Crystal Healer, Denver, CO

I was in deep black hole after all that was happening to my health, trying to survive one day at a time. Julie sent me on a journey of a lifetime. The experience has been amazing and powerful. Thank You Julie for saving me!

Soile, Finland

Julie approaches her sessions with such compassion and openness - there are no topics that are off limits which immediately puts one at ease. We were able to clear trauma and energy and get information on my spiritual journey. In the days since the manifestations have followed in such an amazing way, undeniably connected to the quantum healing that took place.

Kevin, Blanchard, OK

I've worked with Julie twice now. Her demeanor is much more earthy and grounded than most in this field, and she immediately put me at ease. I was surprised at how much knowing and wisdom emerged during the sessions. I found myself resolving issues between myself and my mother that have served us both. I'm amazed each time I listen to the session at how much my conscious mind doesn’t recall -- and how useful the explorations are even months down the road. If you are interested in this kind of experience and want someone with confidence, skill and expertise in this realm -- you can't go wrong working with Julie.

Monica, Philadelphia, PA

Julie Doray guided me to understand my purpose in this life. From past life regression to quantum healing, Julie does it all. The past life I experienced resulted in a flood of emotion and tears, and ultimately dozens of lifetimes of emotional release. Quantum healing takes immediate shape in your life after the session; truly amazing. I learn more valuable information every time I listen to my session. Thank you, Julie. You are a blessing.

Charles, Colorado Springs

Julie explained the process thoroughly which made me feel safe and allowed me to relax and get the most out of my session. I was able to connect to my past lives, meet my spirit guides and have all of my questions answered allowing me to receive much healing and clearing. This experience has left me feeling like a new person! Julie has given me the tools to understand our greater celestial consciousness which has made me feel whole again. Thank you Julie!

Bridget, Chicago, IL

I appreciated that Julie created a comfortable and safe environment for me to do this powerful work in. Even now, I can feel the shifting/healing sensation when I am meditating on my own, especially when I ask for healing. Putting me in touch with my Higher Self and the ascended masters so I can continue the work has been a huge gift. I highly recommend Julie.

Alicia, Dumfries, VA

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