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Quantum Healing Hypnosis 

Quantum Healing is an incredible opportunity to expand your consciousness and feel unconditional love, often for the first time in your life, through your Divine Self. It allows you to heal and clear on an emotional and physical level and get clarity on important things such as your main life purpose, relationships, career etc.

If you are serious about wanting to make powerful changes in your life I am here to walk you through that. I typically have 6 or more hours into a client and ask that you put as much sincere effort into it as I, with the real work starting after you leave my office. Change can come quickly but it can also take time and perseverance. Establishing healthy new routines and a mindset is imperative to it being lasting and effective long-term.

This video thoroughly describes what Quantum Healing is:

The QHHT Practitioner guides the client into a very deep state of relaxation called the Theta level. As this heightens your senses it allows you to access your memories and higher knowledge that may seem out of reach in a more conscious state. While in the Theta level most people are still aware and present with the Practitioner to share what it is they are experiencing. The Theta level is where all of us are twice a day, naturally. It's where you are just as you drift off to sleep and as you're waking up, still with eyes closed and the body feeling heavy. We are actually in different states of hypnosis during the day, many times. For example when you are daydreaming or driving and suddenly you're farther along and don't recall the last few miles.

The client’s task is to be in alignment with the ego with reassurance that his/ her ego is safe and will be cared for during the session. This will assist the ego to relax and take a break allowing the Divine Self/inner knowing to come forward so your questions can be answered and emotional and physical releasing and healing done, according to how aligned you are for that to happen.

The information comes through you (not the Practitioner) and is what you are meant to know at this time. You report what you are seeing, hearing or feeling. This is why I love this modality, as it is the purest way (to me) to connect a client with their Divine Self/inner knowing. Your Divine Self holds the answers and information to all you have ever experienced and have yet to experience.

Information about your main life purpose, relationships, career, why things happened, your health and much more can be revealed.

We look at important times in your life (this life or past lives) and see how those are impacting you today.

Physical issues are tied to your emotions and your belief system and may be healed if you’re ready for that self-healing to take place.

If you chose to do so and have gone to the Theta level, you can meet your spirit guides, deities, angels and loved ones that have crossed over (if you are aligned to do so).

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Q: When you were better able to communicate with your Higher Self, what did it feel like, as opposed to other 'voices in the head', or telepathic messages that often occur with MILABS and abductees.

A: My training is such that to truly and accurately connect with your Higher Self, you first have to be able to connect with your Lower Self. Your seven chakras are 'you', and are the sandwich between those two Selves. Your Higher Self is the eighth chakra, and the Lower Self is beneath the root chakra, below your feet, at the bottom of the prana tube that runs through your body. Having made that connection, your Higher Self can have a way of making it VERY clear that you're in communication with Him/Her.

With other beings (even Handlers that I think have good intentions) there is still a feeling of being invaded by something from outside of you; when you hear your Higher Self, it's a lot more like feeling that some other part of you has been missing your whole life, and that, once you reunite, you, and It, are 'home' again.

It's a very moving and emotional experience, but the major earmarks are the positive sensations. There's certainly a bliss component, but also an empowering component; an experience that now, with your Higher Self with you, there's nothing you couldn't do. Although your Higher Self is present, this doesn't become an ego state of narcissistic flawlessness, or some other crazed sense of self-importance - it's just the very clear realization that all things are possible, after being connected with your Higher Self.

I can look into a mirror (and I know this may sound a bit odd to some) and say the mantra and do the tone that my Higher Self had taught me the first time we spoke, in order to connect to Him; this is when the entire reflection in the mirror goes away, and all I see is my Higher Self, and where He resides. It's just like looking through a window into another dimension. It was the COOLEST thing ever the first time it happened, but then I got a bit spooked by it, and for a long time, I wouldn't look into a mirror, as I was afraid of what I'd see: I thought I might be losing it.

However, mirrors never do anything other than a mirror image at me when I look at them - except when I talk to my Higher Self; then, and only then, does He show Himself. It's consistent, and without deviation, so I'm confident in the practice now. The mirror is still just a reflecting device - but it's reflecting back something more cosmic that one might think is not possible for a mirror to reflect.

This much is certain: your Higher Self will never want you to do anything that surrenders your free will. So, if something is trying to convince you that you're not free, nor should be, then it is definitely NOT your Higher Self.

by Randy Cramer

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