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Rise up! Elevate yourself and raise your frequency beyond life's programming, limiting beliefs and trauma using Quantum Healing and trauma release techniques. Julie assists you in connecting to the higher aspects of you and beyond.

Her compassion and non-judgmental perspective allow people to experience their session in a safe space while she remains grounded and in her heart. This is clearly reflected in her sessions.


Julie views each session as sacred, which shines through in the mindfulness, care and time that goes into each client. Powerful and life transforming, it is an honor for her to do this with each one of you.


I have had chronic migraines for 32 years, back pain for 10 years, and two herniated discs. 

I also have severe PMS that includes migraines, severe cramps, fatigue, and being very emotional. The only solution Doctors gave me was a hysterectomy. 

During my session with Julie I was able to clear and heal all of these issues. 

Since the session I have not had one migraine or headache. 

I have had no back pain, at all. My menstrual cycle was far easier, without a migraine and much less cramps. 

I know as time goes on the healing will continue and I am so grateful to Julie and for all of the healing I am experiencing.

Dana, Frederick, CO

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