Julie Doray - Quantum Healing Practitioner

It is an honor to do this powerful and life transforming work. I view each session as sacred, which is reflected in the mindfulness, care and time that goes into each and every client. 

Services offered:
Quantum Healing: Accessing your higher consciousness for clarity, guidance, emotional and physical self-healing, raising your frequency and much more. 
Past Life Regression: Accessing your past lives for clarity and healing from habits, phobias, trauma etc. 
Meet Your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, or Loved Ones: I will assist you in reaching a relaxed place so you are able to connect and see what messages you receive.
Intuitive Life Recovery, Grief and Trauma Release Coach: With my fresh insight I teach you how to release grief and trauma and get clarity on life issues using quantum healing and grief recovery techniques. 
Soul Retrieval: This is when fragmented pieces of your soul that have broken away from you during trauma are integrated with you again if those aspects are ready to return and be healed.
Guided Meditation: I guide you on a journey to different places on Earth or off planet or to receive knowledge, healing, and have some fascinating experiences.

I have been self-catheterizing for the past 7 years. I consistently suffered from one or more UTI's a month until my session with Julie. I am now 3 months without a UTI, and haven't taken a single antibiotic since! What a wonderful experience, with absolutely amazing results! Thank you so much Julie!
Jessica, Salisbury, PA

Contact: 850.319.0447 or juliedoray@juno.com
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